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The Science


One size fits no one

Does everybody learn the same way? Of course not! So why is every textbook, teacher and online course exactly the same for everybody?


How do you learn most effectively?

Edugami flips the traditional educational model upside down and starts with you, the learner. How do you learn most effectively? Individualizing and personalizing learning has been accepted in education for almost 20 years but technology has not caught up… until now.


We seek to teach you as an individual

The experience you have is specifically designed to match the way you learn and how your brain absorbs information. The lessons you receive will not be the same as the lessons anybody else receives – they are tailored for you so that you have the most enjoyable and effective learning experience you can possibly have.

We don't ask Instead we ask
are you 

Why can language learning be so difficult sometimes?!

If you sit in a class with 30 other people or read a textbook written for 1000s of people, then, of course, that content is not specific for you.

Many students that are very talented struggle with English. We tailor our lessons to use your talents: the chess player, violinist, and athlete can all optimize their learning by taking our tailored lessons.

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About Us


We started Edugami out of frustration. Frustration we shared with students around the world who are receiving poor or mediocre learning experiences. We want students to fulfill their potential and learn in an effective and enjoyable way. That’s why we exist – to improve your learning experience. Our Mission and Vision are stated here:


To provide high quality, personalized and fun learning experiences to people of all ages, backgrounds and skill sets.


A tailored experience that revolutionizes the current educational model. We ensure everybody can utilize their strengths to become experts in new fields: the chess player, the violinist, and athlete can all optimize their learning experience in a pluralistic, fun and dynamic environment.